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Babuyang Walang Amoy Information Center (BWAIC) Open in Cagayan de Oro

June 1, 2015

“The information center is part of the company’s nationwide advocacy in empowering backyard hog raisers in creating naturally grown pigs using the Babuyang Walang Amoy technology and Feedpro…”



FEEDPRO opens its latest Baboyang Walang Amoy Information Center in Cagayan de Oro. The information center is part of the company’s nationwide advocacy in empowering backyard hog raisers in creating naturally grown pigs using the Babuyang Walang Amoy technology and Feedpro natural hog feeds. It is the third information center established in the country, after South Cotabato and Camarines Sur.

The decision to open the information center in Cagayan De Oro was brought about by the high volume hog farmers in the area who are inquiring about the Babuyang Walang Amoy technology and Feedpro. Thus, this information center will serve as a learning site and demo area of the technology.

The Information Center is occupies an area of about150 square meters. It features a sturdier natural piggery system. It also has an open hall where seminars and trainings are held. The piggery covers around 80 square meters with stocking capacity of a total of 40 heads which is divided into four subpens stocked with different growth stages of pigs. This way, the stocking and unloading of pigs per pen could be done every month.

Visitors observing the pigs during the opening and blessing of the Information Center

The growth and feeding rates of pig are also recorded and monitored monthly. Aside from this, the information center offers regular seminars on Babuyang Walang Amoy technology and Feedpro. Other information and innovative ideas like integrated farming associated with the system are also taught. These are vermiculture, soil composting, and possible sourcing of fertilizer and biogas from worn rice hull and animal manure.

The formal inauguration of the information center was done on May 16, 2015 after a series of seminars that already took place weeks beforehand. The activity was preceded by a ceremonial mass and blessing of the information center, followed by brief presentation by Feedpro’s technical team. During the event hog raisers were allowed to share their testimonials, experiences, and knowledge
in practicing natural farming. Through their own initiative, these farmers are able to share with other the benefits of natural hog raising using Feedpro technology.

During presentation, Feedpro also introduced its partner breeding farm, INPRO Swine Genetics, a joint venture between Feedpro and INFARMCO. This breeding farm based in Bukidnon offers high quality hybrid pigs necessary for breeding and grow-out. The farm serves as supplier of hybrid F1 sows and grow-out pigs exclusively to Feedpro users in the area.

The whole activity was attended by Feedpro’s distributor in Misamis, Agrivez Trading, represented by Ms. Marjorie Alvarez. Ms. Alvarez took time to introduce to their customers and guests about the programs Agrivez Trading is offering in the area. One of these programs is the buyback project which is implemented in support of the two natural meatshops in Cagayan de Oro.

The information center is located within the compound of Pronatural Feed Corporation plant in Upper Puerto, Cagayan de Oro right before the boundary to Alae, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

The establishment of the Babuyang Walang Amoy Information Center is a veritable sign of Feedpro’s confidence in the hog industry in Northern Mindanao, which is the fifth highest swine producer in the country.

A lecture conducted by Feedpro’s Mindanao Technical and Sales Supervisor, Mr. Benjie Domingo during the opening and blessing of the information center.


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