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FREE-RANGE PIGS at the “Awesomely Unique Outdoor Farm”

December 1, 2014


Mr. Alan Ursal, an avid hog raiser owns and manages an unusual farm in San Ildefonso, Bulacan. Named the “Awesomely Unique Outdoor Farm”, the farm showcases free-range pigs. Unlike common piggeries where pigs are sheltered inhouse, Mr. Ursal’s farm has pigs roam freely in a wide range area. Around 700 square meters of his one hectare estate is allotted to more than 50 freerange pigs. Before applying this style of hog farming to commercial hog breeds, Mr. Ursal initially applied this to his native pigs only. When he saw that the system worked for the native pigs, he then decided to experiment with the system on commercial hogs.

Mr. Ursal initially did not intend to start a piggery. He wanted his farm to be a leisure place for his family. Last 2011, Mr. Ursal was able to visit and attend one of Feedpro’s seminars on Babuyang Walang Amoy in Agrilink event held in World Trade Center, Pasay. There, he was able to learn the appropriate ways of growing pigs the natural and healthy way. It was also then that he invited Doc Jhun Cahusay of Feedpro to visit his farm.

Pigs freely soaking in the mud during rainy days

That same year, Mr. Ursal began his piggery with 50 heads stocked in two 5×12 meter pens. The pens were made of concrete and steel bars. He also made his own innovations in the pen – particularly, he devised a fermented feed drum that connects directly to the feeding trough via a pipe and faucet to limit the flow.

In February 2012, Mr. Ursal decided to try another method of growing pigs where his pigs can roam freely outdoors. He decided to expand the roaming area of his pigs to 700 sqm, surrounded by a grounded GI wire. The use of Feedpro natural feeds complemented this interesting style of piggery, since the feeds assured him of healthier pigs free from sickness and diseases. In fact, even in rainy days, the pigs freely enjoy roaming and playing in the mud without acquiring illness. Mr. Ursal was very satisfied with the performance of his pigs – yielding an average of 90 kilograms per head in less than four months.

Today, Mr. Ursal is planning to expand his farm and is currently building a new pen for his possible 10 sows. Aside from white pigs, he also has 10 native pigs. He was able to crossbreed his native pig to a white boar and was able to farrow 7 healthy piglets. When asked about the possible fetid smell from his free range farm, he said that Feedpro had all the solutions.

Native sow nurturing her piglets
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