Feedpro Natural Hog Feeds


Lamang ang Hog Raiser sa Natural na Pakain

Feedpro is an entirely natural hog feed with zero antibiotics. Our feed uses natural growth promotants and probiotics that produce safe and healthy meat and improve pig growth, keeping Feedpro hog raisers at an advantage over conventional hog raisers.

Ligtas at Natural na Karne

Feedpro produces safe and natural meat with thin back fat. The meat is free from antibiotic residues and chemicals that may be present in most conventional feed.

Natural Ingredients

Our feed contains highly-digestible plant-based protein incorporated with natural growth promotants, vitamins and minerals, and Feedpro’s unique probiotic technology to deliver the best nutrition to grow healthy pigs. Feedpro contains no mammalian or avian by-products and is free from harmful chemicals and residues.

Zero Antibiotics

Antibiotics are incorporated in most conventional hog feed to treat illness, prevent diseases, and promote growth in pigs. However, the overuse of the drug in pigs can contribute to the spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens that are harmful to humans.

As an alternative to antibiotics, Feedpro uses probiotics to support growth and prevent illness, by improving the pig’s intestinal microflora.


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