Liquid Feeding


Matipid at Mabisang Pakain Gamit ang Fast Feed Fermentation

When initially stimulated through fermentation, Feedpro’s probiotics are able to work at an even faster rate right after feed ingestion resulting in better feed nutrient absorption. This translates to an even faster rate of growth and bigger savings for the hog raiser.

Fast Feed Fermentation (Fermented Feeding or Fermented Liquid Feeding) is a process where dry feeds undergo acidification by first soaking in fresh water overnight before feeding. Feedpro takes the liquid feeding process a step further and incorporates probiotics in the feed that when fermented in water, stimulates the probiotics and increases their number versus undesirable bacteria. This results in a confident healthy count of beneficial microflora in the liquid feed.

Liquid Feeding

Liquid Feeding has many advantages over dry feeding including:

• Improved pig health and better intestinal microflora
• Decreased undesirable bacteria
• Improved Feed Conversion Ratio
• Better absorption of nutrients
• Higher feed intake with better palability
• Less feed wastage
• Easy feed handling
• Lower costs and higher profits


• Keep 1:3 feed to water ratio (1 kg feed: 3 liters water).
• Ferment for 8 to 12 hours or overnight.
• Use clean tap water.
• Ferment in a closed container
• Keep away from sunlight.
• Please follow the feeding program to ensure proper growth. Feed intake per day is based on dry feed weight.


• Fast Fermented Feeding is recommended but not required. Dry feeding or simple wet feeding can still be applied for Feedpro.
• All Booster, Weaner, and Pre-Starter Feeds have milk ingredients added. Please do not use fermented feeding for these feed.

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