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June 30, 2014

As the industry of hog feeds grows and develops, it creates ways to provide better quality pigs in terms of a healthier livestock.


With our health in mind, scientists have developed and are currently developing the feed mix in order to provide the safest, healthiest, and most beneficial combination to give our livestock.

The use of particular blends of organic acids in feeds helps to support their digestion. For example, piglets experience digestive disorders often because of the difficulty in adapting to a change in their diet from soft food (milk) to hard food (feeds). Organic acids happen to be a way of helping to solve this problem.

Using organic acids in the feed utilizes their antimicrobial or bacteria-killing properties in the digestive system of the pig.

Also, because of its inclusion in the feeds as to preserve and promote feed hygiene, nutrient loss from the feed is lessened. In effect, the pig is better able to absorb the nutrients available in the feeds, thereby improving its digestion and ultimately its growth rate.

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