Feeding Program

Pigs need different levels of protein, energy, and nutrition at different stages or weights. Feedpro has specific products that suit each growth stage of the pig.

Basic Feeding Guide

Follow this simple guide to estimate how much feed you need for a typical grow-out cycle.


1 Bag (25 kg)


1 Bag (50 kg)


2 Bags (100 kg)


0.5 Bag (25 kg)

Switching Feeds

When a pig reaches the target weight of the next growth stage, it is necessary to change feed type as well. To avoid digestive problems and upsetting the normal feeding behavior of pigs, switching feed must be done gradually over a period of 3 days or recommended by a technician.

75% - OLD FEED
25% - NEW FEED
50% - OLD FEED
50% - NEW FEED
25% - OLD FEED
75% - NEW FEED
100% - NEW FEED

Speciļ¬c Feeding Programs

Feedpro products and feeding program differ in their protein and energy levels. For growing to finishing pigs, choose the feeding program that will fit your target harvest date and budget. Please note, these are guides only and actual target market weight may be achieved earlier or later.

Super Premium

Target market weight is achieved as early as 131 days old



Target market weight is achieved as early as 146 days old



Target market weight is achieved as early as 153 days old



For lactating and gestating sows


FeedproTV Feature

Guide to more efficient and economical feeding

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